Nordic Caps Ultra Heavy Aluminum Globe 2-Pk

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Item# Nordic Caps Ultra Heavy Aluminum Globe 2-Pk
Brand: Nordic Caps

Nordic Caps Ultra Heavy Aluminum Globe Ball Top Post Cap

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Welcome to the world of Nordic Caps! These ultra thick and rugged post caps are designed and manufactured in Denmark. Each cap is designed to simplify installation, prolonging post life and at the same time offering a touch of class and style.

Nordic Caps has a unique feature that no post cap offers. The full range of post caps come complete with a centrally located and fully integrated high grip nail, which allows for a simplified and fast installation.  The caps also have the unique feature which enables the use of the post cap on any sized post equal to or smaller than the cap.  This unique practical design combined with pure elegance will quickly transform and enhance any setting. Some examples include fence posts, deck posts, front/back garden, horse paddock, hot tub platform, garden gate, fishing jetty, boat dock - the options are limitless.

Nordic Caps are very thick and heavy!  These are not your ordinary metal post caps.  For example, the smallest Nordic Copper Post Cap of 3", weighs over 7 oz!

***Please Note - due to the way Nordic Caps are packed and shipped they are sold in pairs ONLY!  Prices listed are for 2 caps - if you order a quantity of 3, you will receive 6 individual post caps.

Nordic Caps will not flex or bend - therefore if your post is even slightly larger than the cap size you choose, the cap will not fit.  For example, if your post is even a touch larger than 3-1/2", use the 4" cap - the 3-1/2" cap will not fit.

Nordic Caps Aluminum Globe Ball Top Post Caps come in three pieces, globe top, globe bottom, and the pyramid base.

All dimensions are in mm.

  Inside Outside Height 1 Height 2 Weight Raduis Nail  
A B C D E (grams) F G Screw
3" 78 85.7 115 169.5 460 45 8x140 El/Galvanized
3-1/2" 94 101.7 123 169.5 515 45 8x140 El/Galvanized
4" 104 111.7 128 169.5 540 45 8x140 El/Galvanized
5" 130 137.7 141 169.5 655 45 8x140 El/Galvanized
6" ? 160 167.7 156 169.5 750 45 8x140 El/Galvanized
(Dimensions shown below are for 3" Cap)


Nordic Caps Ultra Heavy Aluminum Globe Ball Top Post Cap

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