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Flat Copper Post Caps by Captiva

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Captiva, a manufacturer of high quality copper post caps, has been in business for over a decade.  Crafted from a single sheet of 20 gauge 100% pure copper, there are no welds or joints at the corners, which helps to ensure a lifetime of post protection.    

The flat copper caps feature a one of a kind 3/4" lip to prevent water from seeping into your post.  Most deck and fence posts without caps will generally be the first part to deteriorate. Water sits on top and then penetrates the post year after year,  Water can be extremely damaging in winter. Water gets into the gaps as snow and ice melt in the daylight, then freezes at night, then expands in the post, making the gaps even larger.  Installing a flat top copper post cap alleviates this issue completely.  Water simply can not penetrate the post top.

Captiva flat top copper post caps are perfect for your fence, deck, or any other post application.  These caps come polished to a high luster, all in their natural finish.  A clear coat is not applied after manufacturing.  If the new shiny look is desired, please apply a clear lacquer prior or shortly after installation. Using a spray can based application make this process fast and easy.  The clear coat can wear off over time, so it should be applied as needed (1-3 years on average).  If a real copper patina look is what you are after, then all you will have to is let these caps weather.  They will follow the natural process of aging, first turning to a dark bronze color, then to the familiar green patina.

The Captiva flat copper post cap comes in many sizes to fit 4x4, 4x6, 6x6, and even 8x8 posts.  The measurements listed in the size selection drop down are the actual inside measurement of the cap.  Please measure your post to ensure it is slightly less than this figure so the cap will fit right over.  All caps come with the mounting screws.

Available Sizes:

  • Nominal 4x4
  •      3-5/8" Opening
  • Nominal 4x6
  •      3-5/8" x 5-3/4" Opening
  • Nominal 6x6
  •      5-3/4" Opening
  • Nominal 8x8
  •      7-5/8" Opening


    All caps are 20 gauge (0.81mm) thick.  Custom sizes are not available on this item.

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