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4x4 Post Caps, 6x6 Post Caps, and 8x8 Post Caps Available!


Are you looking for 4x4 post caps, 6x6 post caps, or even 8x8 post caps? Deck Accent offers many styles and sizes of well made, long lasting post caps.  Choose from solar, wood, Azek, glass, copper, aluminum, and low voltage lighted. While 4x4 post caps and 6x6 post caps are the most common sizes, we can accommodate many other post dimensions, such as 3x3, 8x8, 10x10, and more.  Many of our caps can be custom sized at no added cost, so even non-standard posts sizes can be topped.


Wood Post Caps are generally constructed from a block of wood, which may be laminated depending on size.  That block is then cut and shaped to form the top block.  The block is typically about 1-3/8" thick.  After completion of this portion, the molding is then added.  Molding consists of 4 trim pieces mitered to exactly 45 degrees at the ends.  They are then glued and stapled to the top block.  Using both staples and glue ensures the molding will adhere to the block for the life of the post cap.  Molding sizes typically extend either 1-1/8" or 1-5/8" down from the top block, depending on the molding style.


On average, the post cap outside measurement is about 1-1/4" larger on both sides than the actual post size.  For example, if your post measures 5-1/2" square, the top on average will be 7-1/4" square.  For flat post caps that have a square tiered top (such as the Island Post Cap), that square will match the size of the post.  For a 5-1/2" square post, that flat spot will be 5-1/2".  


Protect your fence or deck posts while providing accent and style. Most 4x4 post caps, 6x6 post caps, and 8x8 post caps are in stock and ready to ship.  Matched with our lowest available online pricing and customer service staff experts, Deck Accent strives to become the best possible resource for all your post cap requirements!


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