Composite Azek Post Caps

Get the look and feel of real wood without any of the traditional hassles! Our composite post caps are made from 100% real Azek. Long lasting and maintenance free, these post caps are meant to last. Azek is impervious to water and insects which are the leading causes of natural time based decay in wood based products.

Azek post caps are cut and milled in the exact same fashion as our wood post caps. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to tell the difference by sight. They simply look like wood past caps painted white.

All Azek post caps are individually made and custom sizes are available at no additional charge. Just order the closest size that is larger than your post and put a note in the comments section during checkout as to what your actual post size is. We will add 1/8” to the opening so the cap will slip right over while allowing a small gap for expansion.

Azek post caps can be painted any color, and we strongly encourage customers to paint their caps using a latex paint. Due to the cutting and fabrication process, the natural white color can slightly yellow due to the heat of the blades. Painting will also seal off the exposed inner cells, which although are still water resistant, should still be covered to ensure the long lasting properties of the material. Paint applied to Azek does not wear off as it does on wood. It does not need to be re-applied for years, if ever.

Azek post caps standard sizes are available in nominal and true 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, 7x7, and 8x8 dimensions. For larger sizes, please contact us for a quote!