Wood Balusters and Spindles

At Deck Accent, we carry a huge selection of the best quality turned wood balusters. Choose from a variety of lumbers, such as Red Cedar, Ipe, and Pressure Treated pine. Available in many lengths and several widths.


2x2 36" wood balusters are the most common size, but we have a large assortment of 3x3, 4x4, and even 6x6 wood balusters. These are machine turned and precision cut to ensure a consistent and identical product, every time.  We also carry shorter balusters, such as 7-1/2", 12", 16" and 18" for any type of galley look or topper.  Each product will show the available lengths, and what the actual turned length is.  Each style is a bit unique and there are many styles to choose from.


Wood balusters, also referred to as wood spindles can be used in a variety of locations, such as deck rail, stairs, porches, and balconies. They can be left as is and will provide many years of service, or painted or stained if a color is desired.  Red cedar balusters are kiln dried prior to fabricating, so there is no need to let them dry further prior to painting.  The moisture content of Pressure Treated balusters will differ depending on when they were built, and how long they have been in stock.  Sometimes, these treated spindles will need to dry out prior to painting.


Looking for a design you don't see here? We can fabricate many custom spindles as well. We can also typically match an existing spindle if a full in-tact sample is provided. Please contact us with any questions!  Let Deck Accent be your source for all your wood baluster needs.

Red Cedar Turned Wood Balusters
Pressure Treated Turned Wood Balusters
Ipe Turned Wood Balusters