QuickCap Heavy Copper Post Caps 2-Pack by Kokille

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QuickCap Ultra Heavy Pyramid Copper Post Caps (2-Pack)

Are you looking for the absolute best copper post cap on the market?  This is it!  Made from pure 100% copper with a clear lacquer finish, this is the thickest, heaviest, most sturdy copper post cap you will ever find.  We have all seen a decline in general product craftsmanship over the years due to companies looking to raise profit margins by using less raw material and other factors.  You have to feel it in your hand to truly see the quality and feel the weight. It is one solid hunk of metal.  This will be the last cap you will buy and install. 

If a copper patina look is desired, the clear finish will eventually wear off, or you can speed up the process manually.  If the original shiny look is wanted, it's recommended to use a clear coat every 1-2 years.  This can be done with a spray application and is very quick and easy.

These are copper post caps that we chose for our own home!  The additional photos shown here are from our deck (please no comments on the deck needing some paint, it was painted shortly after!)

***Please Note - due to the way QuickCaps are packed and shipped they are sold only in pairs (due to the packing process).  Prices listed are for 2 caps - if you order a quantity of 3, you will receive 6 individual post caps.

***Please Note - currently, all Kokille products are shipped directly from Denmark.  Because of this, we have a minimum order quantity of 3 units. Exception is for the 5" size - 2 units can be ordered.

Please allow 1-3 weeks for the caps to arrive, we will update the order status with FedEx tracking as soon as they ship..  

QuickCaps will not bend and will not flex! If the outside measurement of your post is even slightly larger than the inside measurement of the cap, the cap will not fit!

>>> WATCH how fast and easy it is to install QuickCaps! <<<

All dimensions are in inches
Nominal  Inside Outside Height 1 Height 2 Weight Nail  
A B C D E (lbs) G Nail
3" 3.07 3.26 1.67 2.72 0.496 0.197x2.36 Stainless
3-1/2" 3.70 3.89 1.99 3.09 0.697 0.197x2.76 Stainless
4" 4.09 4.29 2.19 3.29 0.882 0.197x2.95 Stainless
5" 5.12 5.31 2.70 3.80 1.378 0.197x3.46 Stainless
(Dimensions shown below are for the 3" Cap)


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