Invisi-Fast Plus System

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The Solution for Above Deck Installations!

The easiest way to install deckboards from above. The simple Flip, Attach & Flip method ensures accurate and secure attachment when used with Invisi-Fast with spacers.


  • Innovative above deck fastening design.
  • Compatible with Composite, Hardwoods, Treated (Including the new ACQ treated lumber), Cedar, and Vinyl.
  • Made of DURABLE CLEAR, UV Resistant, Lexan equivalent material that can be painted.
  • Convenient EDGE Alignment Mark.
  • Exceptional holding power.
  • Easy to install for the average homeowner.


  • Easy to install from above.
  • Will not corrode like galvanized deck fasteners.
  • Invisi-Fast fasteners cost less per square foot than most other hidden deck fastening systems.
  • The Invisi-Fast hidden deck fastener allows for individual board replacement should a deck board ever get damaged.
  • No special tools needed to install.

Must be used with Invisi-Fast Original and/or Invisi-Fast Angle Kits.

Kit includes 100 pieces, 200 ACQ Compatible Square Drive Deck Screws, 1 Square Driver. Match one (1) Plus fastener per one (1) Invisi-Fast with spacer or Angle Fastener (Sold separately). Covers approx. 50 sq. feet.


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