F100 Wood Finial

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Finials are one of the earliest forms of Architectural Ornamentation. Originally crafted of stone by the Greeks, finials have been used throughout history to add detailing to gates, fences, balustrades, posts, and arbors. For the landscape architect, professional fence  contractor, or homeowner, use of the appropriate finial can add both style and value to a project.

Made by high quality artisans with over 25 years experience in the design and construction of custom-turned architectural elements who add style and solid craftsmanship to this collection of fine finials.

Wood finials which are mass-produced are often a by-product of fence post production, a means to utilize cut off scraps. This air-dried solid timber when turned, is subject to checking, splitting, and deterioration. Boston Turning Works uses only the highest-grade kiln dried lumber. The stock is planed, matched for moisture content, and glued under high pressure using Isoset® crosslinked polymerized adhesive. This laminated construction yields finials which are stable and lasting even in the most punishing exterior environments.

There are eight different styles in this collection of finials, each carefully researched and derived from historical models.

Finials are pre-drilled and are supplied with galvanized steel dowel screws for easy and secure installation. Larger finials are provided with turned base tenons appropriate for heavier installations. Instructions for mounting and care accompany each order.

Available in Spanish Cedar, Redwood, or Mahogany.  Please note: 4" wood finials are not available in Redwood.

Flat post caps are recommended for a finished look (sold separately).  Please see additional shipping information below.

Finial Sizing:

Finials are constructed to fit on standard (nominal) 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, and 8x8 posts.  Please use the chart below to determine the best size finial for your fence post or deck post:

F100 Finial

Nominal Post Size Total Height Base Diameter Widest Point  
4" x 4" 7" 2-1/4" 3-3/4" F100 Finial 4 Inch
5" x 5" 9" 3" 4-3/4" F100 Finial 5 Inch
6" x 6" 11" 3-3/4" 5-3/4" F100 Finial 6 Inch
8" x 8" 14-3/4" 5" 7-1/2" F100 Finial 8 Inch



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