Dekor Centerpiece Simply Elegant Baluster

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Question: Are all balusters created equal?
Answer: Absolutely Not!

Dekor has been making balusters for almost 10 years.  Through the years they have learned "what to do" but more importantly learned "what not to do".  Their first balusters were steel.  They chose steel because it was a cheaper material and they knew that it was strong.  What they did not know was how the steel would react with various materials giving an almost tarnished look to the wood.  They also did not understand that condensation forms inside of balusters regardless of what they are made from.

Dekor also did not understand that some projects require trimming the baluster length.  Trimming steel balusters is not easy and special abrasive tools are generally required that most homeowners don't have.  Quickly they understood that to produce a "World Class" product they would need to do what other manufacturers could not or would not do in order to provide genuine value and quality. 

Made of Alodine Coated Aircraft Grade Aluminum

Dekor found the best material for balusters is aluminum.  But not just any aluminum, it had to be the best aluminum available.  They chose 6061-T6 grade which is use extensively in the aircraft and aerospace industry where its weight to strength ratio is phenomenal.  Remember the condensation that forms inside? Well condensation means rust or oxidation.  Rusting means the baluster is being eaten from the inside out and you will never know it is happening.  Dekor knows it is happening and to make sure their balusters are as bullet-proof as they can make them, each and every baluster is dipped into Alodine.  Alodine is used to coat not only the outside but more importantly the inside surface of the baluster.  This coating provides superior paint adhesion together with corrosion resistance giving the longevity your need for outdoor environments.

Stronger, Tougher, Best In Class

Dekor balusters have a larger diameter than those made in foreign countries.  Not only are their balusters bigger but they are thicker as well providing strength competitors dream about but can't afford to offer.

Thicker, More Durable Powder Coating

At Dekor, no corners are cut in making baluster products.  They use the finest materials, all welding is done in-house, and they even own the powder coating company.  Their coatings are thicker than anything you will find elsewhere.  Dekor coatings measure 4-7 mils in thickness, competitors are 2-3 mils.  That's right Dekor balusters have twice the powder coating thickness of that of their competitors.  Dekor coatings have been specifically formulated for UV protection allowing us have the industry leading warranty for performance year after year.

Dekor offers a suite of products that help you create awe-inspiring environments. Dekor products are designed to coordinate with the industry's most popular decking materials, while offering innovative style and superior quality that will make your project anything but ordinary. These products have been designed to make installations easy, with simple-to-follow instructions that let you add beauty, value, style and elegance in creative new ways. Set the mood with Dekor.

Add interest to your rails and design unique looks for decks and porches.  Available in both round and square designs.  Centerpieces are structurally welded for long wear and durability. Used alone or in combination with Baskets, Accents, or Lights, Dekor Centerpiece Balusters offer sleek design and solid craftsmanship. Baluster End Caps are available in round and square styles, both in two formats to provide a professional finish for your deck or stair rail installation.

Made from aircraft grade aluminum with a powder coated, 30 year warranty, ultra-durable finish. Available in eight different colors.

Dekor Round Centerpiece Aluminum Balusters are 7/8" in diameter. Centerpiece Square Balusters are 3/4" x 3/4". Dekor Aluminum Balusters are sold individually. Works great on horizontal or stair rail, indoors or out.

  • Use 27" balusters for 36" deck rail
  • Use 32" balusters for 42" deck rail

Use Round Baluster End Cap and Round Baluster End Cap Stair for easy attachment of round balusters if desired (sold separately).

Must use Square Baluster End Cap  or Square Baluster End Cap Stair for square baluster installation (sold separately).

Dekor Centerpiece Aluminum Balusters are special order items. Please see additional shipping information below.

Dekor Colors All


01 Hammered White 
White in color with dimpled finish that hides any surface irregularities. Can be used will all white vinyl products.

03 Bronze Suede 
Bronze Suede is a textured soft bronze color will slightly more texture and gold shimmer than our Oil Rubbed Bronze. Truly a stunning and rich color designed to go with almost all neutral colored deck materials. 

05 Antique Metal Black 
Matte black with textured surface. Very classy look.

07 Oil Rubbed Bronze 
Textured Bronze with gold flakes. The richest color.

08 Brown Speckle 
Brown Speckle is a neutral brown textured color with a brownish/red tint. Designed to go with all earth tone deck materials either as a coordinate or as a contrast.

10 Dark Copper Vein 
Vein surface with highlights of copper and black. The thickest coating offered and looks very elegant with just about any product.

14 Gloss Black 
Smooth black finish with a 60% gloss sheen.



Dekor Centerpiece Aluminum Balusters are special order items.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for shipment 

of these items. Please see our return policy for additional details.